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Tablet Discussion - in the market to buy

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To the community,

I seek your guidance, all knowing DoCo community. I am in the market to buy a tablet for my wife. As she is an avid reader, the tablet only makes sense. She has no real need for a full-fledged PC and a tablet will give her the mobility she requires since she loves to sit at a park and read. I do not want to get a dedicated e-reader as she does like small games (diner dash, freecell (yes the classic one), bejeweled, etc). With a tablet, she can do all of this without the need for a full laptop.

That said, I have some basic requirements I want for the tablet. I want it to be android and I want it to be 3.1. It must have a USB port (full sized + mini-usb would be a plus) and hdmi output would be a nice to have.

Now, I have looked at the xoom and I do not see any reason to go with that particular model since it really doesn't offer anything over the lower cost models. Now, I would like some feedback. Some models of tablets are shipping with 3.1 already. I am looking at the thrive and the acer iconia a500, currently.

Does anyone have any experience or info about tablets? I seek any and all information.


Josh (The forum clown)

This list is not too awfully outdated, but not yet talking about any details of the 3.1 Ice Cream update.

There's so much buzz about the subject that it's hard to pick usable links from google  :huh:

And there just closed a Computex fair a few days ago, where a lot of new products are launched. This is the Consumer Electronics category listing a lot of tablets

Ive had an iconia A500 (16Gb) about 3 weeks now and am pretty happy with it, but haven't used a tablet before so I've no yardstick for comparison
 Especially like the usb and micro sd card, don't like the short charger cable.
My battery life isn't fantastic - I charge it each night and it gets me through the day. Seems to be a variety of experiences in this department.
I think the display looks just fine, but some reviews have suggested a grid is visible on the screen. I only see that when the tablet is switched off.
 I use it for web browsing (choice of stock, firefox, dolphin, opera browsers), music (poweramp is good), a little bit of video (stored on sd card or external hd), reading using kindle reader, games (tower defense type)
 Re web browsing - no built in proxy support as yet (maybe coming in major june/july update). Firefox mobile has http proxy support tho.
Re video - some people report issues with choppy video (maybe a fix coming), but I havent experienced that.
 Have no problems with wifi range, but haven't tested it in a house with thick stone/brick walls, only in the next froom to where my router is.
 Was very easy to tether it using my desire HD.
Here in Adelaide, Australia, it cost me $400

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