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DC Server Down for 3 hours on June 4, 2011 due to datacenter power outage

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That is bizarre. Don't they have redundant power? Was it a blackout? Brownout?

I host with Softlayer in Texas. They've been excellent.
-Renegade (June 04, 2011, 07:51 AM)
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The entire datacenter went dark completely.

Normally they have UPS'es and battery banks to keep things runing until the generators kick in.
The UPS'es "couldn't handle the load" according to them, and everything went down.

It wasn't a brownout as it took quite a bit for them to restore power.

So they are now working on a new disaster recovery plan, I presume :tellme:

Much appreciation to Gothic, who works tirelessly behind the scenes, keeping DC servers going!  :Thmbsup:

Is it just me or some good hosts like host gator, soft layer, media temple are facing problems these days ?

I don't know about hosts, but I surely hear a lot of complaints about the place DC is hosted. Professionalism is hard to find, I think, since if they had set it up properly, then they would have had enough juice to last till generators kicked in - or at the very least have had enough juice to power the most important pieces of electronics. Everything going down just means that they messed up big time. :(


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