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DC Server Down for 3 hours on June 4, 2011 due to datacenter power outage

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The Seattle Softlayer datacenter where the DC server is located had an unexpected power loss last night (sat 3am-6am) that took the DC server (and DC member server) offline.

Softlayer experienced a power event which caused the Seattle datacenter to go offline. The UPS's failed to pick up the load and engineers are currently investigating the cause. At this time power has been restored, and we are working on bringing all devices back online into working order.
Best Regards, Eric C., SoftLayer Support
--- End quote ---

The main DC server/forum is now back online (thanks to DC member Gothic!) and all seems well, and no forum data has been lost.

Note 1: The DC member server is still offline for a bit while we attend to that.
Note 2: We' may take the server briefly offline sometime next week to test and improve our daily backup scripts.

I'm now getting this:

An Error Has Occurred!
 The server's resources are temporarily under too high a demand to find all the topics you have not read.

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[edit] not anymore, apparently [/edit]

Yep, give the server a bit of time to finish doing background stuff..

The main DC server/forum is now back online
-mouser (June 04, 2011, 06:44 AM)
--- End quote ---

Thank you Gothic!

That is bizarre. Don't they have redundant power? Was it a blackout? Brownout?

I host with Softlayer in Texas. They've been excellent.


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