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Does not correctly capture dialog window from SpyShelter Check for Update option

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I am running the latest SSC 2.93.01 on Win7x64SP1 (Aero enabled), with default settings apart from changing "Auto-remove area outside border with alpha less than (default 200):" to 0 (BTW, I think this should be default setting, as I couldn't understand why it wasn't capturing the shadow at first). See screenshot below for what gets captured:

The windows object capture captures the same, and shows the red border around the attached image, rather than the entire dialog (plus extra for the shadow).

Couple of questions:
Is it just that window that captures oddly?  Does notepad capture with the same problem?
When you capture that dialog, is it in front of any other window? If so, can you move it to so its over desktop background and capture it and see if the result it the same?

It captures the main SpyShelter window fine, but has the same trouble with all the child dialogs. However, while the title bar and border of the Check for update dialog is the default Win 7 blue, the  title bar and border colour of the Black/White lists->Component Details dialog is a whiteish colour, rather than blue. There is a free trial of SpyShelter, so you should be able to test it out and reproduce the problem.

Notepad captures fine, including the shadow. However, the Replace dialog captures without the shadow, and the colour of the title bar and border is more white rather than blue (the default Win 7 theme). The bit it does capture is the entire window though, rather than just inside the border, as was the case with the SpyShelter Check for update dialog.

No change when the window/dialog is moved over the desktop background.

Couple of other things:

- The small Zoom doesn't display the right-most pixel, so you can't see the black border on the right of a window. The top, left and bottom all show the black border in the Zoom. It looks like an off-by-one error.

- I was trying to change the text for one of the controls on a window grab, and was hoping to just create a text box, type in the text and place it over the old text, but I could get the fonts tomatch up at all, and the sizes seemed different (eg. default UI font is Segoe UI 9 and MS Serif 8 or 9 in older Windows, but the same size in ScreenshotCaptor seemed much smaller and font didn't match exactly).

- Related to above, I also tried selecting some existing text, and was then hoping to hold the Ctrl key down while dragging to make a copy of selected area, which I could then place over the other text. Is this possible, as I couldn't seem to find how to do it ? If not, can you add this capability.

At the moment, I have to use other utilities for some screengrabs, but would like to just use SSC.

Let me know if you want me to test any possible fixes.

Two other things (been using SSC a bit recently, and these are the things I noticed/wanted)...

- SSC updates the thumbnail view when files are created/deleted/renamed in the capture folder, but it doesn't update the thumbnail view if a file is overwritten (eg. save an image to the capture folder and use the name of an existing file to overwrite it).

- Feature to count number of unique colours - can be handy when deciding which format to save in.


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