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MaxaMiser 1.3


MaxaMiser 1.0

Since I've been playing around with window sizing and placement leaving a gap for the TaskBar, I thought it time to write something very simple to semi-maximize a window. I use RocketDock and it's too annoying when it gets covered.

MaxaMiser sits in the Tray.  Alt Up Arrow adjusts the active window.  If the window is truly maximized, nothing happens. This is to avoid confusing the state of the window tracked by the OS.  Otherwise, the size and position is saved in an associative array(Scripting.Dictionary to the rescue again.) Then it's sized to the screen dimensions except for a gap by the TaskBar.  Use the .ini file option to set the gap size.

A test is done to see if the window is already MaxaMised with previous position info stored.  If so, it's repositioned and sized using the stored info.

For apps it uses the basename of the app.  Notepad for notepad.exe etc. as the key in the array.  For Explorer windows it prepends "Explorer_" so for C:\ window you'd get "Explorer_C:\" as the key.  For this reason MaxaMising multiple views of the same folder will overwrite position info.  Last one saved wins.

If you find it's not working at all with Explorer windows try setting "show full path in title bar" Explorer view setting to enabled.

See Readme.txt for details.

MaxaMiser 1.1 For those who hate to let go of the mouse, I added a "Use Alt Middle Mouse Click" option to the Tray Menu. I recommend clicking on the window frame someplace to avoid side effects. :)

The option is on by default.  Requires aux. ahk program included in the download to be in the same folder.

MaxaMiser 1.2 Fixed bug in Set Hotkey command.

MaxaMiser 1.3 Now Restores a truly maximized window. Also if active window position happens to be the same as the "MaxaMised" position, with no previous position or size info, it is centered at about 70% desktop size.


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