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tomos the only thing I can think of is perhaps something else is interfering with that hotkey.  Have you tried RightWinKey Left Arrow?

edit: the last thing I changed was to send F4 then click the mouse to put the cursor in the editbox.  Makes it easy to type in search.  That may not be working on your system.  You can try commenting out the Send,{F4} and Click lines. See if that fixes it.

If RightWinKey Up Arrow works normally then the Send {F4} is likely the culprit. That's the only hotkey that doesn't use Send.

Just for your info if you are compiling yourself, I'm using AHK Version normal download.  Not any alternative or enhanced version.

I just tried it on XP SP2.  The only difference from W7 was I had to hit the End Key to get the cursor to the end of the edit line in Explorer.  Of course if you have some other program manipulating windows it could interfere.

Usually what I do is comment out lines until I zero in on what acts weird.
I have WinSize2 on my Windows7 machine but I don't use it for any Explorer windows except for Computer.  Doesn't seem to interfere.

edit: also you should have Explorer option "show address in title bar" enabled. Just like for FolderCache and ReOpen. The way AHK Win functions work, if it doesn't match the title, the last found window is used. If you don't have "show address in title bar" enabled then it's bound to play off whatever is the active window.  Could act flaky.

Hmmmmmmmm, now that I've had  a chance to play around with it a bit more I think I'm going to revert back before the Send {F4} bit.  Seemed like it would be useful but the sequential search doesn't always kick in.  Without that there's no point in it.

KeyDrive Basically reverted to 1.7 code.  Just opens the drive window with no shenanigans. Updated the version number just because it's the latest.  1.8 is dead. :)


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