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Problems with Unicode


Hi Mouser.  I am having a major problem with Unicode after a year of flawless use.

Here is the scenario.  Screens that I saved in jpg format (Save image as txt) are not loading back up.  The image is shown in the preview window, but when loaded, only a black screen is displayed.  I have made sure that there isn't a background color or a background picture.  I have checked all the common sense things I can think of.

Older files do seem to load, but ones I saved in the last month, including this evening are causing the problem.

I have removed the program and have re-installed it, but to no avail.

I hope you can offer some suggestions.  Can you load the SAT Net... file in Unicode?

I use your program every day, so I am keenly interested in getting it working.


Things may be back to normal, but I am still testing.

Problem is back.  Something isn't consistent.  I created a file and was able to load it back, then I created another file and it would not re-load.  I am at a loss.

could you email me a copy of a file that loads and a file that doesnt? ([email protected])

I sent an email last evening.  Thanks for looking into this problem.  Just a few minutes ago I had the issue of the background not clearing when opening a new file.


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