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2nd Question tonight ... a good text/tutorial on adapting Web site to mobile ...


... 'cause none of the books I've bought even come close to providing anything more than concepts and a lot of iOS discussion.

I have a couple of books on the mobile Web, but neither of them really gets into practical coding, other than to discuss concepts.  In another post, I mentioned need for help for a friend's sailing school.  This, it turns out, is related.  A [presumably] young man tried to subscribe to a particular class on a smart phone.  His complaint was that the subscription never completed.

Methinks the reason for that lack was that he failed to scroll one (1) last screen to the right.  When I tried it on my phone, it worked up to the point that I had to commit money.  However, that does point out a flaw in the current subscription system - it's configured for a [minimum] 1024x768 display.  Thus, I need to find out how to re-deploy the display to allow for most smart phones.

Given that, I'd really like to find a reasonably coherent tutorial on mobile web how-to methodology.  I've searched, but have yet to find anything even close to a tutorial worth having.

Gotta go to bed (tiredness, headache, etc.) so in short, look at this one, it's a well written and reliable tutorial:


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