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I appreciate your interest.  Generally I'm not a fan of resizing app windows as some of them aren't set up to handle it.  Editors and browsers usually work but dialog based you often get a box of radio buttons then this big blue blank panel hanging off one end due to external resizing.

After doing this a few iterations I'm thinking there's a formula for the window placement. I just haven't figured it out yet. I'm doing it by extrapolation.  I'm sure inside the Tile Windows code there's a calculation with the remainder on one line if the divide doesn't come out even.

One problem with doing this with applications is the executable path often has nothing to do with the window title.  Whereas with Explorer I can just stipulate "display path in window title" has to be enabled. EnumWindows API is pretty much a nightmare except for very limited searches.

I use WinSize2 to keep my app windows in particular places.

As to your idea, I did a "run and place" command line utility awhile back. It read a file full of apps to run and place. You had to specify the title the window was going to have when the app came up.  But there were too many command line switches.

Maybe I should take another look at that.  Back then I was trying to wait for each window to come up instead of just flinging them out there, then positioning by title.

But it's way easier for the user to employ a memorizer like WinSize2 instead of plugging in numbers.  Too much guess work with specific numbers. If they really want to put a group of apps in exact locations they can just do a batch file with a slew of NirCmd commands to place them.

Fold Run with no arguments it now shows version as well as usage info.

Fold If .ini file setting PercentMargin is out of range, the default is written to .ini file and used by the program.  Comments have been added to .ini file with valid range and default values.  The .ini file is overwritten when Fold runs. If it should get mangled just run Fold.exe.

As usual the .ini file has the same base name as the exe and is written to the same folder. In this case Fold.ini.

Fold Updated code to place and size Explorer windows accounting for Taskbar Gap no matter which edge the Taskbar is on.  More than 8 windows it still resorts to Tile Window API call.


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