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Mp3 catalog/database programs

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I know we had previous discussions about the best mp3 tag/renamer previously, so here is a complementary topic:  good mp3 catalog programs.  I don't have time to do a full-blown review right now, but my vote goes to MP3 Collector from:

It's great, I've used it for years.  It's highly customizable, etc.  All the things a poweruser could want.  I'd also be interested in others' opinions.  Other programs I've run across are:

It's by the maker of Powermarks, the best web bookmarking program ever.  Honestly, I've never tried the program, but if it's by the same author, I assume it's a good program with some interesting features, possibly.

There's another program that I've never tried, and the name escapes me right now, but it's by the same guy who wrote a program to automatically scan directories and attach the bitrate to the folder name.  I'll post the actual name and link when I get home.  Anyway, he mentions that his program is extremely efficient and can scan thousands of mp3's in very little time.  Anyway, just based on the author's reputation, I'm assuming it's a good program also.

i've been using musikcube recently, it has some catalogging function though i must admit i don't use them (

vrgrrl has praised collectorz in the past as well on this forum (i think she uses the dvd collectorz programs).

What about MediaMonkey:

I downloaded musikcube recently and played with it, and I actually did like it.  But I'm so hooked to the increasingly sluggish winamp and my skins and plugins, that I can't even attempt a transition yet.  And I never use a player's own cataloguing system.  I just feel like that playing and cataloguing are two distinct functions that should be done independantly.  If no one's noticed yet, I'm very, very hesitant to use any all-in-one devices.

Same goes for mediamonkey, although I haven't really tried it.

When I found out about collectorz a few years ago, I was pretty active on their forum and they were really responsive and helpful to new features and suggestions.  I'm barely ever there anymore, but I assume they are still good about all that.  Although I've noticed the new versions come out much less frequently now, I think that is more attributed to the fact that the program has matured well.

The other program I was talking about was this one:
MP3 Archive Manager

He also does a movie collection program and the bitrate labeling program I mentioned in my first post.  Although I haven't used his cataloguing programs, I have a really good gut feeling about this guy's programs.  He seems to have a good philosophy and intelligent approach to his software.

The only reason why i don't even attempt to try his stuff out is because I have absolutely no complaints with yet.  This might very well be the case where there are more than one really excellent solutions to the same problem.  I have a feeling that audioinfosystems may be a bit more minimalistic than collectorz, but also, I feel like his program may be able to handle extremely large collections more efficiently than collectorz.

This is probably the most you'll ever see me write about a software I have never even downloaded!  For some reason, I'm fascinated by his programs.  I swear, it's all speculation, I really have no reason for any of this other than a gut feeling!  weird...

Guess I'm the only person who likes using Winamp. :)

I use the freeware Album List for Winamp to organize my MP3 albums. It isn't that fancy or powerful like some commercial organizers, but it's enough for me + I like the album search.

While am writing, another plugin I like a lot Toaster.


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