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Windows7 Navigation Pane Customizer


I was looking for a way to change the order of shortcuts in the Explorer Navigation Pane. Turns out it really can't be done. (You can drag Favorites around, but not the other shortcuts.) I wanted Computer at the top. But I achieved nearly the effect I wanted using:

I only left Libraries and Computer enabled. I collapsed Libraries and expanded Computer. Now to change to another drive I don't have to vertical scroll.

Plus it does not require a reboot. When you click Apply you can see Explorer gets restarted as the desktop flickers for a second. Nice little freebie!!

No matter what you do it seems you can't change the order of the shortcuts. Since I don't want to take stuff out of Libraries the solution I used was to only show Favorites and Computer.  Favorites only has 3 items.  That way I can leave both Favorites and Computer expanded(only as far a drives, not current location) and everything shows without scrolling.

What would make it nicer would be the ability to control click on a drive and have it open in a new window.  That's for another day.


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