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WorkTimer: A free web app for freelancers

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WorkTimer is a free web application that allows you to track time spent on projects, with features such as reports, invoicing, data export, and an optional desktop app (Adobe Air).

Seems this might be great for some of the freelancers among us. Has anyone had any experiences using this?

Just registered to try it out. I'll do a review once I've used it for a bit. :)

I'll do a review once I've used it for a bit.
--- End quote ---

Great -- looking forward to reading it  :up:

UPDATE: I'm going to hold off on writing my promised review. Several of the announced features on the website (text reports, invoicing, exporting)  seem to be missing or broken.

I e-mailed their support address some days ago to say I was in the process of writing a review and asked several questions about their product.  I have not received any response so far.

So rather than write a detailed negative review (such reviews are largely useless anyway) I'll just say that as far as I can see, it's not ready for prime time in its present form. Announced features are missing, and what is there is a very basic data collection web tool that's too simplistic for anything but the most basic time logging tasks.

You could do as much (and more) with a GoogleDocs  spreadsheet. Or a quick & dirty little database project implemented in something like MS Access.

(Note: Time tracking is a simple task. Its so simple, in fact, that it's usually used as a teaching project in most relational database tutorials  Virtually anyone could write their own app to do it using a "desktop database" in just a few hours at most. There's only three tuples: Clients, Projects, and Tasks. After that it's just a little elapsed time mathematics, some reports and data entry forms, and as many bells &whistles as you have the desire to code.)

I'll give them a month or two to get it together and then check back.  Hopefully there will be something worth reviewing at that point. :)

Onward! :Thmbsup:

Something like that would be great in a mobile app.


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