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Worlds leading experts...How is this status given?

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I cannot tell you how many times I have read an article, gotten to the bottom and found a description of the author which claims them to be "A world leading expert on XYZ." My question is this, where is this title given or is it just a buzz word that is self-given to make yourself appear credible? At what point do you consider yourself a "World leading expert"? At what level of experience is this title bestowed? Is there an official ceremony?

from the 40hz Dictionary:

"World leading expert" (n.) - (1) One who's education and experience has gained sufficient notoriety such that his or her opinion is valued above that of the more common fool. (2) A term to be placed on one's business card or website in order to fill an awkward whitespace. (3) The author of any book which has sold at least one million copies.

Since it is obvious the world is going to hell in a hand-basket, we may only surmise it is those who so expertly "lead the World" who should be held mainly responsible.

Actual usage may vary depending upon context:

In common parlance: anyone who has won a Nobel Prize or similarly distinguished themselves in their field of expertise.

In the press: anyone with a graduate degree, or extensive experience, who is willing to talk to a reporter.

In politics: any university professor or Ph.D. whose 'expert' opinion coincides with a favored political agenda. (see also: prostitute)

excellent ;D

Ah cool.

All I have to do is find a brothel to solve the world's leading problems ;)

My latest example comes from betanews where one of their new authors is listed as a "one of the world's leading experts on Microsoft licensing policies"

It seems, at least in the IT industry, this term, and those similar to it, are self-derived.


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