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DONE: Open images without program window showing.

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That is exactly what I had in mind! Thank you for the quick reply and especially for updating your program. Seriously, you have saved my skin and it is much appreciated!

I think I'l stick around :)


Great to hear.   :)

Is it possible to delete a file with this viewer? I'm missing that in First Impression :(

Is it possible to delete a file with this viewer? I'm missing that in First Impression :(
-Bziur (March 11, 2013, 04:17 AM)
--- End quote ---

Doh!  Sorry, Bziur, I must have missed your post.  No, you cannot delete a file with Frameless.

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v1.1.2 - 2013-12-20
    ! Frameless errored out if x/y values were not specified.  Default x/y values
      are now zero (0).  (Thanks, Attila)

Hello skwire,

I have tried Frameless and it appears an excellent program when opening JPG images.  However I only want to use it for animated GIFs. These work but the GIF is not completely frameless. It seems to open a box about 40% larger than the GIF with the moving image positioned in the top left corner. So I get an animated GIF with thick bands of white on the bottom and right hand sides only. I have tried setting the parameters w and h to the size that displays in the right click context box but this just reduces the overall size so that the image is cropped and the white bands remain, albeit slightly smaller. The whole block is positioned correctly as required using x & y parameters and the duration function is also working fine.

As no-one else on the forum has this problem, maybe it is my PC or some mysterious setting. I am using 64bit windows 7 OS. The Gifs run normally with IE 9, WMP & 7GIF so it is not the images that are bad. Have you any clever weezes that might sort this out. I have tried removing the program a number of times and reinstalling but the same problem occurs.

As my username suggests, I am a virtual illiterate when it comes to computing. Any suggestions will be gratefully received.


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