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What's your approach to this help desk procedure issue?

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Good observations 40hz. I think you're right, if auto-generated ticketing is handled badly (or helpdesk as a whole is handled badly) then it can definitely sour both the IT staff and the users on that kind of approach. But of course any approach if handled badly will make people prefer something else, hehe. Ultimately it was the fierce adherence to one particular approach without really acknowledging the potential merits of other methods that bothered me. I'm glad to see there are as many ways to approach this as there are IT departments, all legitimate and *potentially* (though not necessarily) ideal for their particular circumstances.

- Oshyan

One if the biggest barriers I've encountered when trying to implement organizational or technology changes is the issue of culpability. Usually those who are most resistant to proposed changes are those who fear getting their tails kicked (or losing their job) once the change takes place - because the proposed change will expose their errors, laziness, or failure to get a jump on something.

One thing I've found helpful is to get a written statement from the highest levels of management guaranteeing there will be no repercussions visited on anyone for past mistakes or oversights - provided they get with the current program and see to it that workable changes and improvements are made.


from: Uncle Ebwart's Rainy Day Fun-Book of Modern Business Management and Other Craft Projects

40hz's Merciful Motivational Maxim:

      A little amnesty goes a long way!

Corollary: Everybody fights back when their livelihood or reputation is at stake.



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