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[Freeware] FadeTop - a visual break reminder that fades the desktop

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FadeTop is a free, portable and extremely simple break reminder software that fades your desktop into a bluish color at regular intervals.

At minute 0, 15, 30 and 45 of each hour, the fader gets activated. (Fader won't become active unless the program has been running for at least 15 minutes.)

If you want to know what the fading looks like, just start FadeTop and click the program icon in system tray.

To quit, right click the icon and choose Exit from the shortcut menu.

Updates (May 21, 2011 UTC):

FadeTop v2.5 or later supports below options (configurable via the Options dialog):

1) auto fade interval: interval between alarms (1..60 in minutes)
2) fade duration: interval between alarms (1..300 in seconds)
3) max opacity: the maximum opacity for the overlay color (1..100 in percentage)
3) overlay color: color for fading the desktop
4) text color: color for time digits
5) text size: font size for the time digits (10..900 in pixels)
6) block fader when a full-screen program is running


FadeTop in Action: (animated GIF)

FadeTop in System Tray:

TimeClue is designed to help you develop a habit of resting your eyes every 15 minutes (recommended for heavy computer users).

Alerts are raised at fixed time, as otherwise that habit will never stick, according to my own experience.

All that experience boils down to this: reminder software is useless for eye-resting unless it helps you nurture a good habit.

Giving it a try.  Thanks for sharing :)

Nice idea. I'd love to see this with some configurable options:

* adjustable color/saturation/
* adjustable max opaqueness
* audible chime
* duration of fade
* choose your own time periods
* bonus: configurable settings for specific events/times
Configurable in a textfile or a dialog, it'd be all the same to me.

TimeClue is designed to help you develop a habit of resting your eyes every 15 minutes (recommended for heavy computer users).-musetips (May 08, 2011, 04:36 AM)
--- End quote ---

Rest them how? Whenever my dad said he was resting his eyes that meant he was taking a nap.

A nap every 15 minutes seems like a good way to live a stress-free life of unemployment. :P


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