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Google Docs Sync

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Haven't tried it, but this seems to be what you're looking for:

I saw this recently on Lifehacker, but ignored it because it said syncs one folder.
I assumed that meant no subfolders, so you know what happens when you ASSUME  :wallbash:
Thank you for looking at this in more depth, it appears to be just what I need!

With the google docs app for my Droid X, this really helps me keep my docs
available all the time. 

Does anyone pay for personal use of the business version?  I don't see where I need the
extra features, although it doesn't do a good job of explaining the Outlook interoperabilty.

Thanks again paulobrabo

@paulobrabo: Thanks for the link to
Looks VERY interesting.

I synced a folder full of scanned pdfs/docs to google docs with syncdocs.  It did create a backup copy
of the entire folder, so if you have a low quota for dropbox, etc. be aware of this.  I am giving google
docs a try, as I like the ability to access my docs through google and don't want a big bloated
software suite on my desktop that I use rarely, although I do have Office 2010. 
I am trying the beta of Office 365, although it is a bit more labor intensive and really more than
I need.  Maybe using Office locally with google docs for remote access is the best plan for me?

@paulobrabo: I installed Syncdocs. It worked just like it should have. Very good idea.
I was changing a lot of document names and sharing properties in Google Docs, so I expected  the syncing to be busy - but not as busy at it in fact was!    :(

I couldn't understand how come my bandwidth utilisation was going off the scale, until I realised that that for every "Collection" in Google docs, there is a corresponding Folder created on the client (backup) hard drive. "Collections" are in fact not proper "Folders", but categoristion tags under a different name.
Lots of my docs are/were categorised under various "Collections". So, if a document was tagged into (say) 5 Collections, then syncing caused 5 copies of the file to be dispersed across 5 Folders on my hard drive. Duplication big time.

So I switched the syncing off. Maybe I will only let it sync once a week.
If I had left it on, then it would have blown my bandwidth cap in no time, given the rate I was changing things.


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