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Google Docs Sync

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I like a lot of the products by Google, but they fall short in major features for many of them.
This includes an inability to sync folders with google docs.  I have searched and haven't
found a good overall product for this feature.  Is it there and I don't see it, am I the only
one that needs this feature, please help me out?

Are you composing documents in Google Docs or are you primarily using it to share documents you've created in something like MS Office?

Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office:

Automatically syncs documents on your computer that are opened with office onto Google Docs. Not sure if this is what you want.

40hz.  Yes, documents I create in Office, I would like to sync to gdocs.  I tried gladinet, but found
it to have a very awkward interface and not completely reliable.  I create my docs and sync via
dropbox to other machines, but would also like to have them stored in gdocs.  So basically, a dropbox
like program that can recursively search existing documents and sync to gdocs is what I am looking for.

very interesting.  I must take a closer look at this cloud connect.   :)


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