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IDEA: PC game launcher/organizer/frontend

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wow zissakos, looking good!

i love the xpadder support, great idea! and the tabbed interface is very well designed, i would definitely make good use of it :)

does the Executable field support command line switches?

could you post a screenshot of how it looks in Details view?

a few suggestions based on what i see so far:

- support for more images (screenshots, maps, media scans, etc). maybe assign a folder for each game, then show all images in the folder?

- the "Game Details" view should show blank lines if data is not present, rather than names like "Pulbisher" and "Year"

i'm looking forward to seeing this develop further!

a very early beta version for you guys to play with:

what works:
- managing GameCategories
- managing Games (only Image and Game Details, no "Other Executables" or "Tools"
- start Game
- details view with column sorting
- drag&drop support:
    - drag tabs (GameCategories) to reorder them
    - drag an image (jpg,png,bmp) from Windows explorer to:
            a) Game Details Image -> updates the game image quickly
            b) Listview box -> opens up "Add New Game" Dialog with image already filled in
            c) "Add New Game" Dialog image textbox or preview box -> fills in the path to the image
    - drag an executable file (exe,bat) from Windows explorer to:
            a) Listview box -> opens up "Add New Game" Dialog with executable already filled in
            c) "Add New Game" Dialog executable textbox -> fills in the path to the executable file

what doesn't work yet:
- "Tools" in the Main Menu (including "Automatic Game Search" and "Settings")
- "Other Executables" and "Tools" in a game
- moving games across GameCategories

The Settings are stored in the file "settings.xml" once you have started the GameLauncher.exe. Look inside to see what you can customize (not that it's much ... :-))

With this early beta you can at least start adding and organizing your games and even launch them.

Please play with it and post some screenshots! Does Drag&Drop work as expected?

Thank you!

Well, as not to pollute this thread, I'll start a new thread for the launcher that I started.  It's taken me a bit longer because I've been using it to review something else, and I've been a bit swamped at work.  But I'm sure that the world has space for more than one of these.

did anybody try it? what do you think?

yeah i played with it a bit. great start! i hope you develop it more:

i LOVE the xpadder support, great idea! the interface is nice and clean, it works well for this sort of app.
i would like to see native icon support in the details view, and support for more images (screenshots, box scans, etc)

a bug i found:
when you first open it, it lets you try to add a game before creating a category. then it gives you an error. when you click OK, the add new game option is grayed out. then if you create a category, everything works fine. maybe just add a default category to start with?


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