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IDEA: PC game launcher/organizer/frontend

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Games explorer notices eight of them
-kamahl (May 07, 2011, 06:53 AM)
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Problem here is that games have to register with Games Explorer, during install usually, to be noticed by GE, so it's not directly GE's 'fault', IMHO :o
-Ath (May 07, 2011, 07:23 AM)
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Exactly.  And there are ways around that.
-wraith808 (May 07, 2011, 08:23 AM)
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Yes, and I have used that to input an additional 5 games - It's just too slow and ugly to use, when doing in a large scale.

hi guys,

coincidentally i was planning to make something like this.
A Game Launcher with the following features:
- portable!
- games are ordered in tabs that can be created freely (e.g. genre)
- each game has: name, executable, optional configure executable, image, maybe more
- ideally controllable by a joypad (for couch potatoes using their pc in the living room - like me)
- a lot more stuff depending on my free time

i have already started and a rudimentary prototype working. It's a .Net project written in C#. I was eventually planning to publish it on some day.

sounds cool zissakos, keep us informed about your progress and show us some early versions!

progress so far...

Any suggestions/ideas?

Make the "Other Executables" tab more expansive. (Five or six executables, and let us change the labels).
For example, one game could have:

* Map Editor
* DX9 version
* Safe Mode
* Save Game Editor :o
* Config
And you should probably add an option to Close/Kill programs before you launch the game.

also, pics of the details view? :)


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