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Automatic Archiving?

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I was wondering if any application existed that would automate the archiving (to save disk space) of files in a directory after a certain amount of time? Something that I could specify to archive files in a directory 30 days after they were last created/modified would be great. Anything?

Download Mover


Great tools but both of them only move files. Have any that compress/archive them?

This would actually be a piece of cake to write as a Coding Snack if you can't find anything already out there.

I've still not really found anything to accomplish this.
The end goal here was because I use Juice to automate downloading podcasts, which I download to my Dropbox so that I can listen to them across my devices. After a while, the files began to suck up a lot of space and I don't necessarily want to delete them because I still may have not listened to them, would rather just compress them in a .rar or something like that. With an application like this, I could have it monitor that podcast directory for files that are a certain age old from today and have them automatically compress. It wouldn't need to monitor folders in realtime because then we'd be compressing files one by one, rather something that I could run manually, or on a schedule, every few days.


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