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The internet in 1990 -- holy smokes!

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I was there, and I don't remember the graphics, just the text. But man did that suck!

Some of that stuff seemed pretty neat at the time.   Wonder where we'll be twenty years from now.  ;D

Stoic Joker:
Wait-a-minute, 1990 was 20 years ago?!? Damnit!

Now I feel old...

Some of that stuff seemed pretty neat at the time.   Wonder where we'll be twenty years from now.  ;D
-mrainey (May 03, 2011, 10:20 AM)
--- End quote ---

Most likely in a tightly regulated, moderately taxed, and heavily monitored info-place largely dominated by commercial interests, government-sponsored propaganda, religious ranting, and political agendas.

Oh yeah... and with better and faster graphics and media.

Does anyone really expect it to be any different?  I mean honestly now. ;D

if the gazooba-net isn't being piped directly into my brain in 20 years from now i'll be very disappointed.


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