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amount of RAM in a netbook

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I just recently picked up my first netbook:
Aspire One 522

Comes with 1GB RAM, but I dropped in a 4GB stick from Newegg and it works perfectly (with the anytime upgrade to Home Premium). The catch is that Win7 Starter is limited to 2GB max, and many older netbooks apparently are hardware-limited to 2GB. 

Performance is great. Internet, email, editing, etc. work as expected. Decoding 720p HD video (action scenes) averages about 25-30% CPU, 1080p around 50-60%. I've just started loading a few games, but I expect older/less graphics heavy titles to work very well. So far I'd say AMD has a clear winner with their Fusion APU tech.

Techidave, run an up-to-date Linux distro on that netbook and you won't have to worry about either outdated OSs or insufficient RAM....


I had a friend today suggested Chrome OS.

Yeah, if all you want is basic web surfing or "web apps" then go for a lightweight cloud/Linux OS.

Deozaan, I don't understand what you mean with your rather dismissive «... if all you want is basic web surfing or "web apps"». Pray tell what you can do with a Windows OS that requires both an advancerad processor and a great deal of RAM, that I can't do with, say, Ubuntu 11.04, which makes much fewer demands on hardware ?...



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