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amount of RAM in a netbook

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I have noticed that most of the netbooks only have 1 gig of memory in them.  Is this enough for basic web surfing and email?  I figured since most of them have a "starter" OS on them, this is where the difference is.

please advise,

I've used 1GB netbooks with success, having no problems with web browsing/e-mail (using a web client).  It is a bit slower, and more RAM does help.  But it's definitely doable.

1GB works fine with XP.

i suspect 2gb would make a noticeable difference in performance when doing non-trivial stuff.

I think that 2 gb would be best also, but I haven't found one yet that is very inexpensive.  Of course, I haven't look to see how hard it is to add one or the price of an extra stick yet.


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