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-I think he said, he "will not downgrade, because version 10's 7-zip works" for him.

So I didnt have any backup of recent settings. -
--- End quote ---

Just an idea…
What happens if you install it as a different user and opt for "Use your own private configuration files"?
Could you then export the 'out of the box' settings and import those to the version you now have running?


I think I can help.

See my PM

When I first upgraded I restored the backup of DO9's config immediately so it looked the same. However as I came across little things here and there that didn't work right and I'd post about it on the DO forum, Leo would always tell me to do something that didn't seem to exist on my copy of DOpus 10. He asked if I had restored a config from DO9 and then said that a lot of items that should be available in 10 were not available to me because of that. So I changed the UI to the DOpus 10 default and then had to spend a couple hours - at least - creating new buttons for the toolbars, etc. Major pain in the ass!

But now DO 10 is giving me fits. Date/time columns just never stay wide enough, no matter how I configure them I end up having to double click on the column header divider to expand them. I have the width set in the Path Settings but that doesn’t guarantee anything. And the Content Recognition still works like crap. Doesn’t recognize the percent of images, etc. and change the display accordingly. Plus now whenever I copy or move files - even just one or two small files - DOpus consumes 35 - 40% CPU and continues to do so for several minutes. All crap that never occurred with DOpus 9, though mention it on their forum and Leo is quick to insist that "nothing changed with that in 10". Somehow I just don’t believe him. Too many users complaining in the forum!

Thank you.


@Chris, thanks :up:

@Jim that does sound rough. Just curious - what OS are you on?


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