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Thank you very much, I hadn't been aware of this. Unfortunately you are right, it is not persistent (in the help file index its under "Manual Sorting"), and of course the real interest of such a (persistent!) feature would lie in manually rearranging the files within a file collection / virtual folder, since these files would come from different physical folders and would be named according to their respective "source folders", thus being mixed up when displayed alphabetically.

As said, in xplorer2, such files could at least be sorted by any metadata ("tags" - and it's also possible to manually rearrange them in "scrap containers", but that is not persistent, same problem as in XYplorer), but this implies the need to "tag" files (by using the "comment" column for this, for example), and tagging is another concept than building up virtual folders, so this mixes up two very different concepts.

That's why I had hoped that Directory Opus was able to do better here than its competitors, but it seems nobody has solved this problem so far.

Permanent Custom Sort Order (PCS) is on XYplorer's road map since long, and all the thinking has been done, I more or less just need to type in the code. Only I'm not sure about the importance of this feature compared to other ideas I have. I have the impression that only very few people would actually use PCS.

BTW, "Distribute" (aka Multi-Target-Copy) is on my list as well. It will be pretty awesome and integrate perfectly and seamlessly with the XYplorer architecture.

..., as in Norton Commander of the Ancient Age,...-clean (February 08, 2013, 06:58 PM)
--- End quote ---

it doesn't have to be of ancient age; WinNC is still being maintained: last updated March 30 2013!

"Norton Commander Download":

Blog: (the blog's address is in Denmark, the server is in USA, the company is in the Netherlands, the text is in Dutch, and the download link is missing the initial "h".)

-but be aware that the company is calling version 5.8 for a major update...
and that the price now is $25
30 days trial, but some features disabled.

Also it's ugly.


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