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I just have to say that I have been dealing with Greg Perry over email for support over connectivity to SFTP servers. He has been extremely responsive and I think it is hard to find this level of personalized support.

I am still evaluating to ensure there isn't something that I might not be able to work with, but this product is really nice.

Could anybody confirm if this commander is able to let you sort your entries manually
a) in normal listers (physical folders)
b) in file collections?
By manual sorting, I mean manual arrangement of entries, by mouse and/or by alt-up/down-arrow or such.

Is this possible?
If not, there would always be sorting by some metadata, I suppose? Is that possible, at least? But of course, it would be one step too much, which I would like to avoid. (xplorer2 does this, but neither a nor b.)


I know XYplorer does (a) - not sure about (b).

I dont think Dopus does (a) or (b) -
just searched the help file and didnt find anything in that direction.

Thank you for this hint, but I don't see how I could do it in XYplorer. I do "View" - "Views" - "List", then "View" - "Auto Refresh" (deselect), then I try with the mouse, to rearrange files within the same folder / list, but I cannot move them this way, within the list.

^it's a little more complicated -

XYplorer file manager has this feature -
Menu >Tools >Customise List >Manual Sorting
drag n drop to sort.

I havent used it in a while - it doesn't seem to work with large thumbnails, but does work with the details-with-[small]-thumbnail view.
-tomos (November 30, 2012, 07:46 PM)
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Will work with thumbnails if:

By default, if you left click on a thumbnail, it will display at full size. This makes it difficult to drag! Go to:
menu >Tools >Configuration >Thumbnails >Turn off: popup image on mouse down (bottom of window).
Then try it as instructed above and it works fine.
-tomos (November 30, 2012, 08:12 PM)
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I havent used it much myself -
I presume it's only set for current tab - and not sure if it sticks e.g. if you navigate away from folder


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