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Directory Opus 10

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Come on folks, take it down a notch.. there's no reason this thread has to get out of hand like this.

@clean: The fact remains that GPSoftware can charge whatever they feel the market will bear.  I'm sure there are plenty of Directory Opus users that will say that it's worth several times over what they paid for it.  Personally, I'm not a fan of per-machine licenses and I feel it's a bit over-priced but it's not my place to complain about such things.  They wrote it, they can charge whatever they like for it.  :shrug:

I've been an Altap Salamander user for years and years now.  I know it has its quirks but, since I've used it for so long, it's the file manager that I'm most efficient in.  For the record, I know of an older file manager that has three panes.  It's not the prettiest, and you may have already tried it out, but it's called Control3 and you can find it here:

In fact, it's perfectly possible to buy a decent MS Office (= 2010, = not the latest, very problematic version) for LESS than this D "Opus" costs.-clean (February 14, 2013, 01:18 PM)
--- End quote ---

That does not seem true to me.

Even with academic discounts, I cannot find a version of Office 2010 (not the latest version, not being updated) that costs less than any version of Opus 10 (the latest version, regular and significant updates). Even if you ignore differences in the number of machines you can use, the old version of Office still costs far more than the latest version of Opus.

Office 2010 prices from Amazon UK, Opus prices from the GPSoft website using Google's exchange rates.

£299 Microsoft Office Professional 2010 (2 PCs)
£247 Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010 (2 PCs)
£185 Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010 (1 PC)
£125 Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 (3 PCs)
£82  Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 (1 PC)
£65  Microsoft Office University 2010 Academic (1 PC)
£46  Opus 10 Pro (1 PC + 1 Laptop)
£39  Opus 10 Pro (1 PC + 1 Laptop) with Academic discount
£20  Opus 10 Light (1 PC)
£17  Opus 10 Light (1PC) with Academic discount.

But, hey, if you want to buy a copy of Opus 9 (not the latest version) from us for £65 (the cheapest version of Office 2010 I can find on Amazon, and that requires proof that you're an academic) then I'm sure we can work something out!

Edit: I'll spare everyone the thread bump but, responding to the post just below this one, getting Office for €13 via the Home User Program is hardly relevant here. To qualify for that you must work for a company that has committed to paying Microsoft thousands and thousands in regular licence fees. Again, I'm sure we could arrange something similar if someone wants to throw that kind of money at us. The total cost of Office is still higher, however you look at it; with the HUP you get Office cheap because your company has already paid for the bulk of it. And most people don't qualify for it anyway.

I bought Office 2013 Pro Plus for 13€.

Check this out:

Perhaps Nudel can answer this, but does anyone else know if there is a way to find out if this is anywhere on the horizon for a BdJ offer or other similar discount on another site?


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