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Directory Opus 10

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For those that may be interested, Directory Opus 10 has just been released:

Directory Opus 10

Let me guess: They still can't see a reason to provide lifetime updates?

lol, quite a few additions in this release .... upgraded earlier today .... one of the few programs I have that is really worth the extra cost.

The "few additions" might be a reason for me to give it another run (native display of virtual folders, yay!), still it's too expensive for an actual license...

Let me guess: They still can't see a reason to provide lifetime updates?
-Tuxman (April 30, 2011, 10:24 AM)
--- End quote ---

Funnily enough, most people still don't want to promise to do work for you indefinitely for a one-off fee.

Lifetime updates still seem the exception to the rule to me. Especially for products that actually get worked on full-time and have significant updates. (It's easy to promise lifetime updates if you never do much in the updates.) (And where the lifetime update option doesn't cost multiple times the standard update option for the same product, which again is easy to offer but doesn't make sense for the customer. And where the "lifetime" offer isn't effectively withdrawn a few years later by changing the product name or something, as we've seen happen in a few cases now.)

I'm sure there are a handful of products that do meet those criteria but, come on, it isn't the norm. If you require that of every piece of software you use then you must not use much software. And why would you be interested in a Windows file manager in the first place when Windows itself does not, has not and never will offer lifetime updates? :)


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