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On a tangential note, with these screencasts I tend to download them first (as the DownloadHelper FF plugin makes them available as mp4) and then view them using an external player such as smplayer or VLC.

I find that this kind of "offline" viewing provides a less frustrating, robust, and familiar experience :)

(I appreciate that one has a choice in the matter though (thanks mouser!) -- it's not always so easy to obtain a local copy.)

-ewemoa (May 04, 2011, 04:33 PM)
--- End quote ---

download helper seems no more working on those video
i tried several time but don't detect the stream to download

Hmmm...not working here either :(

SOMETIMES does work
It worked for me but only at 3rd attempt

Here some screenshots of v.2.26

Looks like I am not the only one desperate trying to make use of CHS.
I was about to delete CHS as all the written documentation did not give me an overview as to how work with it. It was of no help as key information is just missing: i.e Ctrl+Alt+Q.
Why does no one write a proper Help File for it?
At least these two videos helped my finally.
I will test it now.


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