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The great toilet paper debate

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BTW, last year I discovered that those CD/DVD spindles that hold 100 discs work pretty well as a toilet paper dispenser. Depending on how thick (circumference) the roll is, you can slide it on the spindle and then put the plastic case on it to keep the roll from getting smashed. Then just stick it in the back of your car as part of your emergency kit.
-Deozaan (April 29, 2011, 04:39 PM)
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Oh, great idea! I have this habit of hiding a few rolls in the bathroom closet behind a bunch of things, just in case someone forgets to go to the store or argues with me about the current price (to which I usually suggest they keep a phone book handy if they don't feel like paying for it)

That's actually one of the reasons listed as a Pro for "over the roll." See #2 in the Advantages section for Over.
-Deozaan (April 29, 2011, 04:39 PM)
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Bah. I do not think of it as an advantage of the over method; rather I think of it as an obvious flaw in the under methodology that immediately wipes it as a viable alternative.

Anyhow, besides saving paper (I presume), this dilemma might well be one of the reasons so many public places go for the pile of precut folded paper dispenser thingies where you have to drag the pieces of paper out in the most troublesome way ever. In my case, I tend to drag like 5 or so along with my attempt because I have issues grabbing a hold of the paper, so the saving paper might well be a crappy argument... meaning the over-under debacle may well be the major reason for that stuff to exist. :D

Under Wins for me!

Over, DEFINITELY over. I won't be contradicted on this, either  :P

I am very much against the under method.  I'm glad to see I am in the majority.  I think the reason why most prefer the over method is because it is more practical.  The arguments for under are not very strong, and more abstract and aesthetic almost.  I'm not a utilitarian, however:  I appreciate arguments for aesthetics.  However, I don't think toilet paper is a topic that can reasonably lend itself well to an aesthetic discussion.  To me the question is "Which way does it make wiping your ass easier or more pleasant?"  And over wins that question.

As for the unraveling argument, I think there's a little bit of an irrational fear there.  People who prefer under look at the over orientation and think "Man, that looks unstable!  It's going to unravel!  Oh no!!"  But it's really not anywhere near that bad.  I just think, practically speaking, over wins every time.


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