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The great toilet paper debate

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I'm an over person, but not for any of the reasons listed there.

Toilets are toilets. With the 'under' method, just how often do you think that people will brush their fingers against the wall trying to get hold of the paper? Maybe people will clean toilet seats, and toilet pots, but will ANYONE clean the wall underneath the toilet holder? Do you?

I know I don't. Thus: over it is. ;)

The paper holder, that's how they get you. Then comes the mind control. Then comes the over/under dogma. Before you know it, you're a slave to the toilet paper holder corporations! While you're hopping from over or under, they're laughing all the way to the bank!

Me, I just set mine on a small shelf, pick it up with my left hand, roll it out under. I tend to use less that way. If it's on a holder, I always prefer over.

Gotta be on top.

I should go to bed, but the wikipedia article regarding this debate has amused me enough to put it off.

  / /---\  |
 / |  O  | |         Sue me,
   |\---/  |         I am bored.
   |       |

With disastrous results, I might add.

I make wicked amazing tacos, but if I put too many hot peppers on... Man... The over/under debate is irrelevant. I just need another roll~! :D


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