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The great toilet paper debate

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I developed a preference for over because the house we now live in has TP holders in each bathroom that has a stainless steel flap that drops down to cover the top of the roll. Really irritated me when we first moved in because I couldn't see the point, but then I realised that it's there to trap the roll so that you can rip off a section of bog roll one-handed. It works when the roll is installed so that the free-end rolls off the front (or over). It's been five years and I still can't get my wife to see the brilliance of this - she's an under person all the way...

I am most definitely an 'over' guy.  And yes, I will change it whenever and wherever I happen to squat.  One of the major pluses for me is the one handed snatch.  You can't do it easily when the roll is the wrong way 'round.  I like to give 'Johnny T.' a dab before tucking him away again, so one hand's usually engaged when I reach for the paper.   :Thmbsup:

Jammo the OrganizedFellow:
I think I will mount my T.P. roll in the wall, and have the sheet come out through a thin slit. :P

And . . . . what about the TP in public toilets, eg : motorway service stations ?  I think a Donation Coder member with the necessary skills should produce a training video on how to get the paper out of the thing, never mind which way round it is !


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