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Icons are not shown

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I have a folder with some portable apps in it - one of it is FARR.

The folder structure is like this:
\PortableApps\Find and Run Robot

I run FARR in portable mode and I added the search folder "%FARRDIR%\.." in the options.
When I search for "findand" the executable of FARR is shown with a standard icon (see attachment). Its the same with all tools in the folder PortableApps.
I tried it with "%FARRDRIVE%\PortableApps" with the same result.
But when I add the whole path "C:\PortableApps" the correct icon is shown.

I checked it on Windows XP SP3 32bit and Windows 7 64bit.

hi thunder.

But when I add the whole path "C:\PortableApps" the correct icon is shown.
--- End quote ---

that's a big clue.

here's my guess --  maybe extra \ being added to %FARRDIR% or %FARRDRIVE% -- can you try: %FARRDRIVE%PortableApps and see if that works.
if so i'll try to fix my code so it's not needed.

That's a fast answer.

I tried it with "%FARRDIR%.." with no success.

And I have to correct my first post.
"%FARRDRIVE%\PortableApps" and "%FARRDRIVE%PortableApps" doesn't find anything in "C:\PortableApps".

I also have an issue with icons but maybe not the same issue.
I use farr on 2 different computers that I keep in sync with my usb drive. On the xp machine if I type "helpfarr" I get the results with nice icons. On my win 7 system I do the same and I get the proper results but the icons are generic; by generic I mean they look like a sheet of paper with the corner folded down.

/icon=%Farrdir%icons\someicon.ico doesn't show icons.

Typing out the full path does eg /icon=c:\farr\icons\someicon.ico.

So i just used the %aliasdir% variable instead. Example /icon=%aliasdir%..\..\icons\someicon.ico


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