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ReRun 1.0  ReRun is yet another simple Tray Hotkey. It's designed to be run at Windows Startup. It watches the active window. If it finds an exe, it gets the path and icon.  When you hit the Hotkey(default is F9 function key) it pops up a Gui with 10 Buttons.  The List of apps is MRU starting at the left hand side.

The idea is if you close a program, then want to open it again, press the Hotkey and it should be near the start of the list.

I recommend starting with Windows since program items are not saved between runs. If you run ReRun and pop it up right away, chances are the list may be empty.  For programs you run constantly other launch methods are preferable.  This is just an OOPS hotkey to ReRun something closed inadvertently.

I have ReOpen but I wanted something that displayed the icons instead of just text.
Which reminds me, active Buttons show the program name in a Tooltip if you hover the mouse.

Free for you to use at your own risk.

For now I'll attach the latest version here.  If no big bugs are found I'll upload to the web page.

Edit: may be downloaded now from:

ReRun 1.1  Fixed bug in Set Hotkey command.

ReRun 1.2 Set double click Tray Icon to open the gui. This keeps the mouse near the system tray to make it more convenient if the window is located in that corner.

Reaching for F9 then clicking with the mouse is more awkward than just using the mouse.

ReRun 1.3 Added code to avoid adding buttons for apps minimized to tray etc..

Fits in nicely with Skrommel's GoneIn60s
But now I've got more time to make up my mind :up:

Thanks Miles!


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