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Typing Assistant has a feature you might be wanting + giveawayoftheday

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It doesn't work in word or onenote 2010 (preview).
Not useful for me. Comfort typing does work in word, not in onenote.
Since office 2010 is not even in beta, I won't hold it against it :)

Just installed Typing Assistant, but almost immediately got disappointed: it doesn't expand according to the autotext case--I mean "ta" becomes "Typing Assistant", but TA, Ta, or tA do nothing. Did I miss something or am I just spoiled with its competitors? Anyway, such a behavior seems to me absolutely logical and inevitable.-yksyks (November 01, 2009, 10:59 AM)
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I didn't see this thread before, so am late to the party, but I thought much the same.  I e-mailed Sumit Soft in Jan. this year (2011), so I had a similar thought to yours but much later.  Here's Sumit Soft's reply:

Another suggestion, though I'm not very sure about it. At present
short forms are case-sensitive, so "atm" and "ATM" could expand to
completely different things. Usually I want "atm" to mean "at the
moment." However, if I start a sentence with that phrase, I need "At
the moment," with initial letter capitalized to "sentence case." Of
course, I can define "Atm" to do that. But, does it make sense to have
some kind of "smart capitalization" so I only have to define the
phrase once, and Typing Assistant will automatically enter the right
initial letter?

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I suggest you define two Auto-Expand entries as below:
1) shorthand="atm", full text ="at the moment"
2) shorthand="atm", full text ="At the moment"

Then you just need remembering one shorthand, and choose the full text you need to expand.

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Of course, you could regard case-sensitivity as a feature rather than a bug.  You could define "iirc" as "if I remember correctly," but if you were in a forum where practically everyone understood that anyway, you could just type "IIRC" which Typing Assistant wouldn't translate.

@Curt:  you're right about the settings.  I've grown to largely ignore the popups when I don't want them.  I thought there was an option to change where the popup appears, so you could park it out of the way under the bottom of the window or something, but can't see such an option.  I don't always run TA with Windows, but only when I want it.

@urlwolf: Just tried it in Word 2010 and it seems to work OK.


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