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WinSendkeys: Latest version thread. Version, released 2018-11-04

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WinSendKeys Latest Version thread
Application Name WinSendKeys Version Short Description Send keystrokes and/or mousestrokes to other applications Supported OSes Windows Web Page WinSendKeys page Download Link From the WinSendKeys page System Requirements
* An application that needs to be controlled from the 'outside'
* Some perseverance to get it just rightVersion History
* November 4th, 2018: Added options -i, -s and -sd for setting some delays, see docs for details, fixed exe-version and icon
* November 3rd, 2018: Now sets errorlevel if Window/-w argument not found (user request), recompiled with latest AutoIt3
* October 1st, 2011: Added -v related setting to ini and updated the readme with some missing info
* September 30th, 2011: Added 9 extra commands to multi-window mode when using -f strokesfile
* June 21st, 2011: Added -v parameter and multi-window mode when using -f strokesfile
* June 21st, 2011: Disabled left-over debug-messagebox :-[
* April 22nd, 2011: Minor fixes
* March 13th, 2011: Support for HWND window handles
* 3.0.x.0 February 9th, 2011: Start an executable, with optional delay, and feed it the keystrokes
* February 7th, 2011: Pass keystrokes from the clipboard
* January 30th, 2011: Read settings from an ini file, read keystrokes from a file
* January 28th, 2011: MouseClick support, no longer case-sensitive window names required
* January 24th, 2011: Initial release, send keystrokes to a windowAuthor Ath

Requested as a codingsnack, on this thread, where mouser eventually suggested a central download to avoid people getting an older version by accident.

Send KeyStrokes and MouseStrokes to another application, starting that application if needed.
Since 3.2.0, the -f strokesfile mode has some minor scripting features to:
- wait for a window to open or close, with timeout
- display a message
- goto a specific labeled scriptline
- gosub a subroutine and return from there

Planned Features
Based on (applicable) user requests.

Unzip all files to a subdirectory of your liking. Check out the readme to get acquainted with the command syntax.

Using the Application
Determine what keystrokes and/or mousestrokes to send to an application, and configure that either in a batchfile, 'run-link' or 'external command' from another software tool that supports running a command-line tool. Hint: one of my other tools: WinButtons, has support for sending keystrokes using -send command :)
Use as applicable... ;)

Remove all files from your computer. Nothing is written to the registry.

Known Issues
Any bugs to report?


I am new to this tool and I can not figure out how to disable debug window appearing.

"C:\Progiz\WinSendKeys\WinSendKeys.exe" -w "Write:" "write something"

I get a window "Debug" "Help: 0 Cmd: 3"... after clicking it, keystrokes are sent...


Can you show your WinSendKeys.ini file, please? (wrap it in a [ code=ini] tag, without the extra space, please)

Oops, my bad, just checked the source and saw a left-over MsgBox at line 206.

Fixed, please use the attachment to this message, I'll update official download tonight., original download updated.

WinSendKeys 3.0.5

Ok, tnx for fast response. How do I make file mode (-f) work. Is this text file? What should be in it?
I can not make it work...


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