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Does "Not yet upgraded for Firefox 4" also happen to you?

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I wonder why I didn't knew about Add-on Compatibility Reporter:

Help Mozilla make sure your favorite add-ons get updated for upcoming Firefox releases by using this extension to report whether they still work or are having some issues with alpha and beta releases. Note: Recommended for alpha and beta users only!

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-will automatically allow the user to install addons that presumably doesn't work, to see if they do all the same. This way I have now re-installed a couple of very useful extensions I was missing a lot, like Auto Context

+1 for Abduction. Love it!


You probably know this already: as noted by cthorpe on Bits du Jour's recent offer on RoboForm Pro v7, RoboForm 6 doesn't work with Firefox 4.
-rjbull (April 24, 2011, 10:13 AM)
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Yup.  And the company's response is that FF4 came out after RF7.  Somehow that makes it ok to refuse to fix v6 to be compatible and require a paid upgrade to v7 to be able to continue using a program that used to promise free upgrades.

Wow, that was a long sentence.  The long and short of it is that Roboform will never see another cent from me.


Maybe "Form History Control" will help replace Roboform.

It doesn't do passwords so I use "LastPass" for passwords.

After dumping RoboForm, I also ended up with Lastpass.

I tried using KeePass, but I got annoyed with it filling the wrong forms.  At one point, it accidentally reset the WPA password on my router when it decided to fill a form incorrectly.  I was trying to change another field on the page, and I had a hell of a time figuring out why my wife's laptop stopped connecting.

So I switched to Lastpass.  I don't like storing my passwords on their servers, but after doing a lot of research, it seems that the strength of the password one uses for Lastpass is the weakest link in their system.

So, my password for Lastpass is 48 random characters long (lower case, upper case, numbers, and symbols).  I have a local Keepass database protected with a similarly long and mixed password that I have memorized that only contains my Lastpass password.

The password I use for KeyPass is derived from the description on the back of a specific DVD that happened to be on my desk when I was creating it.  I shifted my hands a particular direction from "home row" before typing the first characters of each word, capitalizing when indicated by the source.

When I open my browser, I have to get my password from KeePass to be able to log into LastPass.

Overkill?  Maybe.  But I feel confident that I'm safe until someone figures out how to break AES in some way other than brute force.


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