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DONE: Eject!

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I created this script because it has happened to me lots of times forgetting a cd (dvd) inside the computer after shuting it down.
It's really anoying to have to be always turning the computer on again to get that cd.

But fear not, Eject! comes in salvation of those who suffer from the same bad as I do.
This script opens the cd tray right before shutdown if there is any cd inside!

I didn't make it open all cd trays because some people might have virtual drives, and that might have strange behaviours.
But on it's first run, it creates a ini file that can be edited to contain all the drives you want.
The attached compressed file has the executable, the ahk source and the example ini file.
Hope you like it.

(note: this script can easily be added to other ahk scripts you have running.)

.exe version:
.ahk version:


what about a script that eject/retracts the cd-tray on demand? it will be useful to some of us...

what about a script that eject/retracts the cd-tray on demand? it will be useful to some of us...
-lanux128 (March 19, 2006, 11:59 PM)
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I'm using AbsoluteControl for that task (I run it just when I need it, since I need it less than once a week):

This tool makes a wide range of OS control tools available with a single click. It can set your screen resolution to the highest possible refresh rate, open and close your CD drives, reboot, shutdown, power off, hibernate and send your system to standby mode.
A Web-search is available with a single click.
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Get it from

I'm using AbsoluteControl for that task
-brotherS (March 20, 2006, 02:44 AM)
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People might like to know about Wizmo from Steve Gibson /


• blackout
blackout monitors(s) while leaving them on.

• desktop
blank monitors(s) to the desktop color.

• blank
Activate system's screen blanker.

• autoblank=
Enable/Disable timed blanking.

• monoff
Power off system monitor(s).

• standby
Place the computer in standby mode.

• hibernate
Cause the computer to hibernate.

• logoff
Logs off the current user.

• exit
Exits from Windows.

• reboot
Exits then restarts Windows.

• open
Opens/ejects system's CDROM.

• open=
Open/eject specific drive.

• close
Closes system's CDROM.

• close=
Closes specific drive.

• volume=
Set system's audio volume (0-100).

• mute=
Enable or disable the system's audio.

• play=
Play the specified wave file.

• wave=
Set the wave volume only (0-100).

• shake=
Specify mouse sensitivity.

• quiet
Suppress Wizmo's action sound.

• graviton
Activate the built-in screen saver.


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