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Anyone here using a standing desk?

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-Shades (May 11, 2011, 04:16 PM)
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You can be President!  :Thmbsup: ;D

If that was one sitting I should be "precious" instead of president!  :D

Betanews had an article about this today. Perhaps some more insight into the idea of a standing desk.

Don't know how I missed this thread  :).

The sitting/standing controversy has been going on for at least a good fifty (50) years.  Prolly longer, but I'm only aware of that time span.  As an old - then young - cripple, I've been through more desk/chair height configurations than most folk even know exist.  There is no single answer, as too much of the answer is dependent upon the physics of a given body.  Someone who weighs 300-400 pounds will not fare well at a standing desk - knees and ankles in particular will suffer, but lower back will be affected as well.  On the other hand, someone 4'11" and ninety (90) pounds will do much better.

The physics - read ergonomics - of any desk have an effect on carpal tunnel, lower back, upper back between the shoulders, neck, shoulders & collarbone area whether sitting or standing.  And the chairs for most desk configurations are seldom optimal for long-term desk usage.  And if it's a standing desk, it had best be the right height for you, or there will be suffering.  (Of course, the same thing is true of a sitting desk/chair combo.)

Over the years, I've used several variants of the ball chair, the knee chair (very good for my back, posture wise, but hell on the knees regardless how well padded), some specialty multi-adjustable office chairs.  The best thing I've found to date - for me - is an old-fashioned stenographer's chair, but they're getting damned hard to find  ;D, guess there ain't any old-fashioned stenographers around any more  ;).

Anyway, half-a-century of direct experience has convinced me there is no one-solution-fits-all answer to this particular conundrum.  Basically, you'll just have to experiment to see what works best for you - but don't expect it to work for everyone - or anyone? - else.

Good grief... That graphic has definitely motivated me. Scary stuff.

I saw a video with a computer/science fellow using a tread mill while working (he was walking).

So I think I may end up trying something like that. I sit way too much and I'm not losing weight. I'm fat and need to get rid of it. (Well, not that fat -- but fatter than I'd like. I'm not round or anything.)

Oh yeah, and Deozaan... for sitting all day and not gaining weight...

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