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Anyone here using a standing desk?

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There was another article recently (can't locate it) about how sitting all day is worse for you that they previously thought -- and more articles recently about standing desks.

Anyone here have any experience trying that?

Not here. But I've often thought of a treadmill with a keyboard and mouse on top. :)

But I'm too lazy to get off my ass and do it. :P

I've worked somewhere that a manager did it. He seemed happy about the change. I just wonder about it being a strain on arms and back if you are typing a lot.

Unfortunately not. But the people I know who use one are happy with it. Both of them were forced to use it because of back problems.

Now that summer is coming here it will be easier again to follow the water trick, i.e. have a small bottle of water and drink lots of it, in order to force you to stand up and walk around often for refill and bathroom.

Not I…  but in the summer I'm quite pleased with my hammock support.


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