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Upon uninstalling does it replace my icons?

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I'm new to your forum. I just installed Circle Dock and I can say I am very happy with it as up to now. My version is 1.56.30, and, as I see, I think I have the latest version.
My system is: Acer intel i7, 870, on Windows 7 Family Premium 64 bits with 6 Gb of DDR3 RAM, 1Gb ATI Radeon HD 5570. I've had some little problems configuring it, and it is now settled and it works well now.
But I was wondering about something. If I ever uninstall CD, would I be able to restore my software icons (I have now about 30 in the dock) on my desktop. I admit, I forgot to backup my system before installing because I thought (I hope I was right)   :-[ that CD had made one already when I installed it.
If not, I will then have to re-copy all the icons on my desktop, Am I right?
Thank you kindly for your answer.
Good day to all!

Greetings GeeneCD
Glad to have you here with us at DC  :-*

I am trying to remember here what happens with the original shortcut.
As I recall the original Shortcut should not have been deleted, I believe that Markham Ironed that out for his last release, but I am unsure.

Your best bet, would be to recreate them as needed.
Also, are you sure the icons/shortcuts are deleted, or are they hidden by Circle Dock?
There is a show/hide option for desktop materials and the menu bar, but I do not remember if it is active by default.

Apologies for the late response as I am rebuilding my OS, I am currently responding from an ePad tablet I am borrowing from a friend. :(

Let me know what is happening, and I will help as I can.

Once again welcome  ;D

Thanks for your not so late answer, :)

I still have some more icons that I use often on my desktop like the Recycle bin and so that is why I know the option is activated.
I would like to recreate with the original icon them but the thing is, they don't appear no more in their folder and sometimes I had to reinstall the software to get my icon(s) back in where they belong.
I had a problem with Windows since I created the circle (unless it's a funny coincidence): It couldn't find my icons and instead, it showed empty icons all over the place. I had to find the option to Recreate the icon library, but some were still lost, where the necessity to install the soft again to get it back.

Also, is it normal that I have to click open Circle Dock every time I want the option to show on the desktop? Although the option to "start with Windows" is ticked, it still doesn't open. Usually, when it is open, it appears when I push my mouse on the top end of the screen, but upon starting Windows, it won't show until I start the program again.

It's a nice software and to me it's quite convenient to have much less icons on my desktop, and it has a nice design, different from what you see elsewhere but it sure would be more practical if it didn't have to be reset all the time, I guess there must be a way to fix that...
Finally, those little problems (except the fact that the icons disappear) are not so bad compared to the ease of use and convenience of CD. I still believe it is a nice program, it maybe just needs a little fix... but for what I know about programming, I won't say anything more  :).
Hope we can find a solution...
Good day!

If teh option for Circle Dock to start on logon is not working, you may need to create a short cut of Circle Dock's exe, and place that shortcut in the windows Start Up folder in the Menu. All Programs.
Typically an entry is made, but some times it is missed....I have no idea why  :huh:

Once Circle Dock is running, ytou should be able to toggle Circle Docks appearance by using the Middle click button on your mouse.
That being said there are a few exceptions,
SO I must ask what type of mouse you are using, and who makes it? A model number would be good too.

If hovering to one side of the screen is making Circle Dock appear, then that is probably set in the options, and thsi can be turned on, off, or changed in the options.

If you want Circle Dock to be visible all the time, or locked in to a static (or Fixed) position on the screen this can be done as well.

Lets do this one issue at a time...let me know if you get the start on logon ironed out, and I will try and get some clear directions for you by this weekend to see about correcting the rest

The Sarge

Thank you again for your time.
Ok, I fixed the 'not opening with Windows' problem. Thanks for the suggestion. In earlier times, I used to do that for many programs that weren't starting at boot, but I never thought I'd have to do it again with W7 :)

My mouse is a Targus Kaleidoscope AMU0302CA, USB, common HID mouse with wheel, no drivers to install. It behaves quite like any other mouse. I've had no problems with all the other functions, they seem to accomplish their job. I tried almost every option that is present in the preference menu (I didn't know about the middle click though :)) and found that the 'line' option is grayed out. Well, that is not so bad since it works now. It looks as though the icons really disappear when you take them out of the dock. I should put them in a folder somewhere for the case I need to retrieve them again.

Anyway, I had to uninstall it for now after trying your suggestion because, not that it's bad or else, I do like it, but I have to make a check on my system since a few programs are behaving oddly since two days, as my IZarc compression program. Not the same problem but I seemed to have a faulty driver that is not doing it's function in my W7. I'm losing my icons on my desktop, they don't recreate and each time I try recreating my icon library, there is one or two that still miss to appear. It's not your program, nor is it IZarc's, I think it's Windows 7 that's having a misbehave with an update. It could be the in relation with problems I've had with CD.

I hope I will not have to re-install W7 again. I'm checking now with Microsoft.
Thank you for your prompt help and sorry if I disturbed you in any way. I'm keeping Circle Dock in my drive for now to install it again later, as soon as I fixed this problem.
I'll keep you posted about this if you wish.
Good day!


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