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Deduplication, encryption, security and... Dropbox

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Thing is: it looks to me like many iPad apps have Dropbox support built into them.
-phitsc (April 15, 2012, 04:15 PM)
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Gizmo posted about ("The easiest way to publish on the web"): "Publish a Web Site From Your Free Cloud Storage Account":

Anyone can learn to make a pancake. And now anyone can make a web site. We're the easiest way to create and maintain a web page.

All you need to do is create a text file, and save it into the special Pancake folder in your Dropbox account. We'll turn that file into a web page for you.

The best part? Updating your page is as easy as opening the text file up in Notepad, TextEdit or your favorite text editor, making the changes you want, and saving the file. Your website gets updated automatically.

We'll even take care of the formatting for you if you follow a few simple rules.-Pancake
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Hey, something else I found out about Microsoft SkyDrive: You get 5 GB of storage free, and if you already had a SkyDrive account set up you can claim another 20 free GB as a "legacy user", meaning that you have used SkyDrive for "a long time", whatever the hell that means. Anyway I went and clicked the button to upgrade and now I have 25 GB free storage there.   :)



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