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Startup problem?


First of all, I love this program, I don't know how I've survived without it for so many computer-using years.
Now.. The bad news.
I got tired of starting CHS by hand, so, I set CHS to start with windows by adding a shortcut to it in the startup folder.
But ever since i did it, it gave me problems on windows startup.
Some screenshots (courtesy of our good friend screenshot captor ;) )might explain it better:
Startup problem?
Startup problem?
Startup problem?

it may be not finding its database due to the shortcut, like maybe the working directory is wrong..

try this:
1. delete the startup you created
2. start it manually.
3. go to options and check the option for "start with windows"

Ok, it seems the working directory was the cause, i checked the "start with windows" box and it works perfectly!
Thanks!  :Thmbsup:


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