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Hats off to USPS for innovative tracking scheme...

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Having ordered a product from the USA (to AU), I was expectedly interested in being able to track progress of said item.
I was provided with a USPS tracking number from the supplier, but it didn't seem to work. On querying, the response was:
Please note that the tracking number provided is not very good since USPS International tracking numbers are recycled.  In addition, the tracking number provided does not actually go into affect until it reaches the final destination so you cannot tell where the package is while in route.
--- End quote ---

Let me guess...if you opt for premium shipping, they won't deliver your parcel?

Oh yeah, love USPS tracking. It's brilliant. :D

- Oshyan

I think I'll market myself as a political pundit who predicts the winner of the previous Presidential Election. :)

USPS tracking motto should be "you can't get there from here."

edit: on second thought, should be: "you can't get it there from here." :)

Yep. USPS tracking is pretty much a joke.

I've got an item that shipped on April 5th and it says the estimated delivery date is April 25th. What the smurf? 20 days?

Well, I'm going to go against the conventional wisdom here...  I'm actually a fan of USPS, and will opt for it over UPS or FedEx ground if I'm given the choice - I find it's faster and generally much cheaper. And they deliver on Saturday (though I expect that might be something that goes away sometime in the next few years as a cost cutting measure).

However, I'll admit that I don't expect their tracking for non-express packages to be of much use (maybe the the tracking is helpful if a shipment gets lost?), and I certainly can't say what their international shipping record might be like.


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