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SpiderOak - very nice people =)

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The only complaint I've had with SpiderOak is that I got up to 10 GB of space because of others signing up through my link.  Then, about 10 days later, SpiderOak starts bucking up on me, saying I've exceed the maximum of 8 GB of free backup space.  So I wind up having to remove quite a few files from S.O. backup.  Grrr...

Other than that, I've been completely satisfied, especially given that this is a free service.

For me, the strongest selling point is there zero-knowledge-of-my-files architecture.

Lifehacker had a recent article comparing several of these types of programs.

Well, my problem is/was... performance (as I mentioned in a previous post). I often used it to sync tasks lists + other very small files I wanted to access  on the go and having to wait a long time to have access to those is maddening.

I also experienced a situation where the queue appeared to be completely jammed and nothing got saved for days, without any warning!! At that point I just stopped using it, feeling that it wasn't reliable enough for my code backup.

I'm still trying to find something as speedy and "reliable" as Dropbox... but with some actual security preoccupations.

I've never had it jam up for days, but I have had it seem to stall out for 2-3 hours; eventually it always finishes it's business for me.  Can't say that I blame you, though, if you weren't satisfied with its performance.  And certainly Dropbox remains, for me, the most elegant -- I suppose just because it's so darned simple to use!

Being over: At least Spideroak lets you delete files moderately quickly from its interface or, iirc, the web admin - so you can pick whatever large bits you might want to take off the system to bring it back to level

I downgraded Syncplicity from paid to free recently and between the "you cant do anything you're over" and the fact that you just cannot do anything on the web admin I had to "unsubscribe" all the folders (which wipes them from the backup space) and start over. Way worse

Not sure how others do it, it would be interesting what the best practice ought to be - to me if I am over I would like an easy interface mode to pick what to remove to be brought back to level

Elegance: interestingly enough I have had to use dropbox for work and I found the approach inelegant - that you have to put everything into that one folder. If I have folders all over that I want to backup I need to move them and adapt applications.. and if I only want to back up part of a folder tree I have a mess... It does work for a shared project folder, though.

I'm back down to 8GB, which the SpiderOak app has been telling me is the maximum amount of free space I can have.  That's fine by me.  They had to set the limit somewhere.  My only minor irritation was that for several days it let me have 10GB of stuff backed up.  To me, that's a bug.


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