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SpiderOak - very nice people =)

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Just to crosslink things a bit: stay away from DropBox, SpiderOak ftw.

I wanted to post this in the dropbox deduplication thread but here is probably better :

I'm backing up an encrypted DB to a "spideroak folder" and spiderOak uploads the file fine. However, spideroak doesn't seem to deduplicate anything and sends the whole 300MB each time. I think If uploaded something like 1.5 useless GB today... and I already almost maxed out my 2gb account !

What am I doing wrong ?

[I checked the forum there and didn't find any useful info... Next step for me : send them an email]

[2nd edit... Wondering if NTFS compression could also be a problem... just thinking out loud...]

Armando: Do you have this problem only with SpiderOak or does it happen with everything else (dropbox and such)?

Do you know if the DB is being encrypted block by block or using something like Cypher Block Chainingw? If you have Cypher Block Chaining on, then every change you make to any block in the file is propagated to the whole file (or to the blocks after the modified blocks? I'm not sure, now), so it's expectable that spideroak re-uploads the whole file.

Thanks jgpaiva. It's an Access DB (MBD file) using the full file Jet encryption. It's weak encryption by any means -- basically only prevents opening/modifying the file in an editor (it's RC4 algorithm, 32-bit encryption... but encryption key is inside the file header :) )

I guess I could just use it unencrypted and use a truecrypt container to encrypt it locally. Not sure. But I still don't understand why I didn't have this problem with dropbox, but have it with spideroak...  :tellme:

hmmm... I'm really putting spideroak on hold for now, until I resolve this problem.


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