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SpiderOak - very nice people =)

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I'm back down to 8GB, which the SpiderOak app has been telling me is the maximum amount of free space I can have.
-kyrathaba (July 08, 2011, 07:16 AM)
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I thought the referral page said you could get up to 50GB of free space from referrals?

EDIT: from the spideroak front page:

You're correct. Yet I continue to get prompted to upgrade, or else delete enough files from my backup queue to drop below 8 GB.

Also, the image from their page that you posted above reads in a way that suggests that you get 50GB for referring one single person.  It'd be unambiguous to say "Gain up to a maximum of 50 GB by referring your friends" or -- even better -- "Gain 1 GB of extra storage for every friend you refer who registers with SpiderOak".

Here's the nag-screen:

Even though my SpiderOak usage bar shows this:

One problem I've often had with SpiderOak is that when I'm selecting files and folders to backup, it will mess up and unselect or re-select folders, or sometimes select folders I never wanted selected in the first place. This can sometimes lead to it attempting to recursively backup large directories and all it's subdirectories (like my User directory). Maybe you should check to make sure something like that didn't happen.


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