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Please make Opera able to open Firefox!


I am very pleased that I have an extension for Firefox (3.6), to open Opera. But I am equally unappeased that Opera seems to have no widget for opening Firefox! Apparently it is not too hard to do, if you know how to code in the first place... I don't, and I don't know. _or maybe_

Please?  :tellme:

Opera is able to open firefox from a loaded page or via a customized menu entry for links.

As for widgets, I don't know.

is your screenshot from Opera 10 ??

No such entry in Opera 11:

Opera 11.10 snapshot windows is what I am using ,,,but opera 11 should have it... at least for windows ... I am not sure about linux but I would GUESS it works there too.

Try a standalone install in a new folder (see install options) and test ,,,,, iif it works there u many need to do a clean install of opera and import your current settings.

Rename your profile directory first (see opera:about opera directory folder) if you decide to do a clean install into a new folder. 

Files of interest:

After the install you can move your files ...bookmarks, wand etc back.

Here's an example of how to add menu entries to the right click for links

THANKS, hpearce!  :up:


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