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DLS: Mozilla publishes name and shame list of slow Firefox add-ons

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#2 Firebug
#5 FoxClocks
#9 Xmarks Sync
#12    Adblock Plus
#21    DownThemAll!
#50    Firefox Sync   

These are essential add-ons for me. I don't know what can i do without them.

I only have 2, and no, they won't be coming off.  AdBlock Plus and NoScript are too essential.  If they are really issue causing, perhaps Mozilla will write the browser to address the pains these two address.  Happily, my must have, TabMixPlus, and the 4 other niceties are NOT on the list.

I can say, however, I have used many of them, and I do agree - many of them slow it A LOT!  Read it Later seemed particularly onerous given what it does.  That one got removed shortly after it was tried.

I was surprised to find that I had only three from the list: AdBlock, ColorZilla, and Better Privacy (though Better Privacy had only a 1% impact).  I disabled ColorZilla, since I realized that I almost never use it.  I was relieved to find that the add-on I value most--Lazarus--is not on the list, though I'd keep it even if it were #1.

In the top 10 I only use Firebug.

FF with 10+ extensions is near unusable, wish I knew how anybody has 50 or so. I am not talking about slow old machines either. Having said that Flash is the biggest culprit, one easy way that it's obvious to me is using Flashblock

FF with 10+ extensions is near unusable, wish I knew how anybody has 50 or so
-rgdot (April 07, 2011, 06:16 PM)
--- End quote ---
40 (according to one of my extensions, Mr Tech Toolkit  ;)), and things seem to work pretty well.


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